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Juice Cleanse

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Let Thy Juice Be Thy Medicine

Nourishing the Mind, Body, and Soul with organic cold pressed juice.

Juice fasting is the process of eliminating all solid foods and replacing it with fresh pressed organic fruit and vegetable juice for a specific amount of time. The benefits of juice fasting;

•Detoxification of harmful toxins and waste in the body
•Improves digestion
•Provides the digestive system a rest
•Increase in energy and vitality
•Aids in rapid safe and healthy weight loss
•Boosts the immune system
•Increases and improves mental clarity
•Helps eliminate junk and processed food cravings
•Heals chronic dis-eases
•Aids in better and deeper sleep
•Reduces nasal congestion
•Eliminates excess mucus
•Clears skin complexion and enhances skin glowing
•Enhances emotional, physical, and spiritual well being
•Helps to break old habits and form new behavior patterns

Juice fasting hydrates the body with essential nutrients that nourish, repair, regenerate, and rebuild on a cellular level. A few of the most common side effects of juicing are;

•Bad breath
•Body odor
•Increase in dreaming
•Lite headed feeling
•Frequent urination

While juice fasting the body is in detox and healing mode. The side effects of juicing will be determined by your current diet and lifestyle. If you eat a diet largely made up of unhealthy foods, then you will experience some rough juicing fast side effects. On the flip side, if you have been eating a mostly healthy diet, the side effects will be less severe as there is less to detox. More juicing information to come.
Make 2023 the year YOU take CONTROL of YOUR HEALTH!


The Juice Cleanse consists of 6 fresh pressed juices to be consumed each day. Refill each bottle with water once the juice is consumed. It is recommended to drink 1 juice every 2 hours until all juices are finished. Abstain from all solid foods, coffee, or any kind of edible food. Herbal tea without sugar is a great supplement to the juices. Body movement such as walking, yoga, and stretching is highly recommended during the juice cleanse. Please abstain from any strenuous exercise while on the cleanse. 

To break the juice fast cleanse start with consuming fresh fruits, specifically fruits that are high in water content the day after all juices have been consumed. It is recommended to consume only fresh fruits the first day after the cleanse is over. The second day after the cleanse continue to consume fresh fruits along with consuming salads. Abstain from meats, cheese, and other processed foods for 2 days after the cleanse to help the body slowly re-acclimate itself to solid foods.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask. Please send all inquiries to info@juicyaffirmations@shop

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Juice Cleanse
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Juice Cleanse

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